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why you should sign up and drive for uber in 2017

At the end of 2016 we noticed a boom in phobe app based careers. Now a days you can make a pretty decent earning just from the apps you have on your phone. The highest paying app and most popular is the uber driver app. Tons of peopme are driving for uber now a days and thats great for us all. with each driver comes a new advertiser for the company. pretty much gaurenting its sucess over the taxi cab compititions. but it seems every year uber seems to take a higher percent cut. while this sounds bad, its not really all that bad. because each time they do it they grandfather the old drivers in and there percents wont go up. only drivers who are not signed up will be charged the new prices.

Since uber does this, the sooner you sign up. the better. even if you dont want to drive yet. just do 1 ride every 30 days and that will secure your earning percent.

some may say ok, but still dont think they should sign up. no matter your situation, if you own a elgible vechile to use as an uber driver you should defintly be utlizing this platform. the freedom you get as an uber driver is priceless. you can drive as little or as long you want! you never even have to talk to an uber staff member. you can honestly make your car payment and insurance payment just working 2 days and even 1 day in some areas.

A few weeks ago my wife and kids had a birthday party to goto. I really wasnt in the mood to goto the birthday party so i turned on the app and ended up making $80 bucks in a little over 2 hours.

Another great thing is you get to work where you want! you drive where you want to. I can wake up tomorriow and say I want to drive near the beach and decide to work in center city later that night.

it really comes down to this, if you like driving, then you will love uber! on average i only work 3 nights a week and bring home around $500 just by driving for uberx only.

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