Uber driver tip sign

how to increase your tips as an uber driver

Getting tips as an uber driver is no easy task. Alot of people seem to think that tiping uber drivers is not allowed. I discuessed this in my other post Can UBER Drivers Accept cash tips and while we can, some riders still think this is not allowed. Also asking for tips is not allowed as well, but you can avoid these issues by placing a sign in your can such as this one. People will see the sign and your tips will increase right away.


Here are some things you can do.

Use a Uber Tip Sign sign such as this one.
Offer candy and bottled water.
Offer cell phone charging.
Ask the rider what kind of music they like and play it for them.
Open the door for the rider.
Use AC when the weather is hot.
Offer Cologne and Perfume. (some riders may get offended, so be creative when offering)


But best of all, just be super nice! try to pretend you are driving your friend around. Most of the time this works best along with the Uber Driver Tip Sign. If you follow all these above, I promise you will get more tips!

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