Can UBER drivers accept cash tips?

Can I tip an uber driver?

This is a question I get asked alot and most people that ask tell me that they did not think they were allowed to tip the driver. UBER does a good job of discouraging its riders that there is no need to tip the driver. Some even told me that they thought the tip was included.  But if you ask UBER, they will tell you drivers are allowed to accept tips but they are not required and must be in cash. UBER in my opinion tries to discourage tipping during welcoming new riders. However, drivers can accept them.


Should I tip your uber driver?

As an UBER driver I am going to say yes, We love getting tips and they help out alot. I could pitch a story about how were out driving strangers around risking our lives to save people from drunk driver and all but honestly This is entirely up to you. Do not feel bad if you cant tip your driver or if you dont want to. uber drivers are use to not getting tip so when we get them its kind of a big deal. If you do decide to tip your driver,  im sure they would greatly appreciate it.


If you are a driver, consider getting a Uber Tip Sign to let your riders know that tips are appreciated but not required. This is very effective and a must have for any rideshare driver!

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