What is better Uber or Lyft? – (Uber vs Lyft)

So many drivers ask me this question alot, what one is better and do I drive for both? I am going to answer that in this article now!


Do I drive for both Uber and Lyft?

First, I drive for Uber and Only Uber. Trying to juggle both platforms to earn money is really a stupid task imo. Alot of drivers will drive for both and wait to get a call on one platform and turn off the other and drive. When they drop off they turn the platforms back on. Uber has designed its app to keep drivers driving so most of the time when you drop off someone on Uber you will get another call before your current ride is even complete. They did this to keep there drivers driving on the Uber platform and not switching to Lyft. Brillant idea if you ask me.


Why I choose Uber over Lyft?

Honestly, there was a day where the only good thing Lyft had over Uber was tiping in the app, now Uber offers in app tiping so this is no longer the case. Uber also offers higher fares as well as a larger rider population. Uber is in more areas and even has lower deductibles in there insurance for there drivers. Yes, if you guys didnt know both uber and lyft insure there drivers with out any cost to you other then the deductibles. Uber also has better referral programs which allow you to earn big bucks! But like I said, most importantly a way bigger rider population. Its also easier to sign up with Uber then Lyft. Lyft requires drivers to show up to your house and inspect your car. This is a big problem as most drivers want to keep the driver population low so they can earn more. So most Lyft drivers dont complete these tasks and you will find your self waiting months before you can even get on the platform. Uber only requires you to take a photograph of your vehicle inspection stickers!


Why does rider population matter?

The more riders the platform has, the more you are going to earn, the more you are going to stay busy and keep driving!

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