10 reasons why you should drive for UBER.

Here is my thoughts of why you sign up to drive for uber if you already havent. If you are unsure of what uber is then make sure to check out my post here where i explane what is uber and why is everyone talking about it.

The Top 10 Reasons why you should sign up for UBER.


#10) socialize

With UBER you are always meeting new people. Potential clients, friends and other UBER drivers. This to me is one of the best features of driving for uber. You will learn so much from the people you drive around and they will learn so much from you.


#9) start new business

UBER is a great tool if you are planing to start a new business. It provides you with financial backing and time to work on other projects. Partner that with the socializing aspect of uber and you pretty much have a turn key start up plan. The key is not to get overwelmed by uber and fully rely on driving for uber as your main source of income but to instead use it when business is slow and to help your business grow.


#8) see new places

Before I started driving for uber I had no idea what my surrounding areas were really like. I had an idea and seen a few places but as I drove for uber I started to noticed more and more. I found places I never new exsisted and places I would love to more. There are alot of places in this world and some of them are sitting right next door. When you drive for UBER you are going to find so many new places near you and wonder how you didnt know they were there this entire time. I even learned that the biggest mall in the US is only 30 minutes away from me. I never knew this before!


#7) peaceful

other then dealing with drunk people on weekend nights, driving for uber can be quite peaceful. Most of the people you will meet are super friendly and enjoy a great conversation. Also when days are slow its nice and quiet. for me I enjoy the time when there are no rides to clear my head and think about other business ideas. I also use this time to post blog stories and research things i been wanting to learn about. The only disruption is when the uber app goes off to make some money and thats a very welcome disruption.



#6) cash free busness

For the most part UBER is a cash free business. Somtimes riders will hand you cash as a tip and that is great. But when you driver for uber the ride is already paid for. This is a good thing too, because you dont have to worry about somone hoping out of your car and running off with out paying for you. This also adds a sense of some security to driving for uber since everyone knows that you never hand the driver cash.



#5) you are the boss

thats right, your the boss, you make your own hours and work when and where you want. you pick up who you want and kick out who you want. you dont work for uber. you are simply a independent contract that has been contacted by uber for the ride you are on. While this seems pretty cool it also has its downside. You are responsible for your taxes and you will quickly be reminded how much driving for uber is an actual business of your own.



#4) driver rewards and perks

UBER takes care of its drivers for the most part. uber has partnered up with many companys and if you drive for them you get to reap some of the benifits. UBER gets automotive maintance benifits all the way to gas discounts. UBER also offers health care and retirement options even if you only do it part time.



#3) get paid daily

Get paid up to 5 times a day. No matter how much or how little you can request a payout up to 5 times a day. As soon as you request the payout the payment is made to your bank account directly so there is no waiting.


#2) huge client base

Lets face it, uber is the leader in the ride share world and is not showing any signs of going away anytime soon. They are well established and this makes it super easy to sign up and start earning in a few hours. This is why we choose this at the #2 reasson of why you should sign up for uber.


#1) Extra Income

no matter what your situation may be. being an uber driver will bring you even more income gaurneteed. this is the #1 reason why everyone should sign up and become and uber driver!


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